June-September 2021: Multiple releases up to version 2.22.14

Hello! We've neglected to post updates for a few months. This post will bring you up to date. This summer's updates have primarily been bug fixes. 

June 24, version 2.22.07

  • Improve management of agenda item ordering; eliminates a few conditions that could lead to items being mis-ordered or refusing to move.
  • Add a warning to the document uploader (from local computer) that only 20 files can be uploaded at a time. Previously, an upload of more than 20 files would fail, but would appear to hang.
  • Fix a bug wherein motions added to sub-items in an agenda would appear both in the sub-item and its parent (and ancestors).
  • Make the HTML Ids for inline tag and member fields unique. No known user impact; maybe the accessibility labels weren't helpful with duplicate IDs.

June 30, version 2.22.08

  • Back-end maintenance.

July 8, version 2.22.09

  • Client-side maintenance, mostly updates of javascript libraries. 

July 19, version 2.22.11

  • Fix the bug wherein you would save a note in a meeting, and the actions menu would not appear next to it. Also restores the linkifying of URLs in notes.
  • There was no 2.22.10 release. 

August 17, version 2.22.12

  • Fix a socket.io configuration issue that was causing a lot of browser console warnings in Chrome since the 2.22.09 release. Might have been impacting performance.
  • Improve the linkifying of URLs. 

September 14, versions 2.22.13 and 2.22.14

Bug fixes for the Stormz integration: 

  • Correctly filter list of workshops to those that are active and that you facilitate
  • Limit attempts to retrieve the access code for a workshop to two cases: when the workshop is added to a meeting, and when an agenda item containing the workshop becomes current in a running meeting.
  • Change the presentation mode for Stormz workshops from an embedded IFrame to a new window/tab. Chrome (and probably some other browsers) no longer play happily with Stormz' authentication within an embedded iFrame. 
  • Add a workaround for the Basecamp integration for a Basecamp 3 user who has client access to a project, rather than team member access to an account.
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