June 3, 2021 - Bug fixes and a small enhancement to smart lists (version 2.22.06)

Yesterday we rolled out some bug fixes and a small improvement to smart lists.

New feature: 

Smart lists that specify "closed action items" can now specify items that were closed within a specific number of days before the meeting the list is in. (Previously, you could specify "closed since" with a specific prior meeting.) The "Days before" option works well with lists in meeting templates. 

A typical use of this option would be to show action items closed in the past week (closed since 7 days before the meeting) in a weekly status meeting.

Bug fixes: 

  • Restored list of prior meetings for selection as a "since" option in smart lists (this bug was introduced in 2.22.05)
  • Some "loading" icons weren't spinning, and now they do. 
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