June 2, 2021 - Streamlined meeting records, rich text editor improvements, bug fixes (version 2.22.05)

We've rolled out a few updates over the past few weeks, including: 

Meeting records (exports) are cleaner and more configurable:

We've added some options to the meeting record export so you can get what works best for you. You can now selectively choose the following when you use the "Export" button on the meeting home page: 

  • People who attended
  • People who did not attend (Regrets)
  • Company names in attendance record
  • List of decisions created in the meeting
  • List of action items created in the meeting
  • Full meeting record (agenda and minutes merged)
  • Note-takers names and timestamps
  • Tags
  • Reference documents
  • Smart list contents
  • Chat record
  • Log

These changes were prompted, of course, by requests to omit specific information from the record (for example, regrets), and to reduce repetition (action items at the top of the record as well as in the full agenda). 

One change to the format of exports is that action items are no longer formatted in tables. An unfortunate aspect of the tabular format was a hard limit on line length within table cells, which often broke URLs within action items. 

Rich text editor improvements:

The rich text editor now supports emojis (pickable from a menu), links, and embeds. (Some of these features are not available in the context of a running meeting.) 

Bug fixes: 

  • In some cases, we would present an editable field to a user who didn't have permission to edit a note -- inviting the user to make changes that would not be saved. This was mainly seen in notes in Smart lists within running meetings. This has been fixed. 
  • Fix a bug in the attendance download that was limiting the number of meetings to 25. 
  • Added visibility of server-side and network errors to many client-side actions that were missing it. There were a number of places where you could make a change, and if we were unable to save your change, you wouldn't see that right away. Many of these have been corrected and will produce a warning dialog. 
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